Green Meadows

Imagine Plush Green Grass Lands with cool breeze going around all day long and you in middle of all this….. You probably should be here!,

Pine Forest

Need some Privacy and that too on the natures lap…This is the place to be…. Be it having a nap in the pines or having a long stride through the Pines, you will forget everything that you have had at your Office or what ever…. You cant miss it..

Tea Estate

You can witness one of the greatest tea estates in Kerala, here. There are many tea estate and the major ones are Pulikkanam Estate, MMJ Plantations.

Para Gliding

Accompanied by trained instructors maneuvering you through this hillside destination, feel crisp mountain air caress gently. Over half hour, enjoy the tour and get a bird’s eye view of picturesque Vagamon.

Water falls

At vagamon there are several waterfalls with grassy hillocks stretching into the forest on one side and ending at the cliff on the other. This large tract of land has a small stream originating at the lake and going through.


Still untouched by commercialisation, the sleepy town with its scenic valleys, mists, fogs, tea estates, waterfalls with the overall greenery is really striking for boating at Vagamon.

Vagamon Kurisumala

Kurisumala is a Christian pilgrim centre and one of the main attractions at vagamon. The main day of attraction is on Good Friday.


Murugan Mala, to the east of Kurisumala, is a hill that houses a rock-cut temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. Hundreds of devotees visit the place every year.

Thangal Para

A journey of about five kilometers from Vagamon, down the Elappara route, will take you to the Thangal Para, place of religious significance to Muslims.